The Law Office Of Phillip J. Griego: San Jose Employment Law Attorney

Much of our work is designed to prevent employment law problems from arising. Not only do we work with employers to establish policies and procedures, but we also conduct employment law seminars, training, and employment practice audits. We draft and review detailed employment contracts and agreements and create employee handbooks.

We also represent all types of employees whose rights have been violated and employers accused of violating the law. When an employment law problem does occur, we use negotiation, mediation, arbitration or litigation as needed to seek a just and cost-effective solution.

Give us a call today at The Law Office of Phillip J. Griego to discuss how we can help with your employment law or business matter. Based in San Jose, we serve clients throughout the East Bay area.

Comprehensive Counsel For Employment And Business Issues

We provide legal counsel and trial court representation in a broad range of employment and business law matters. This includes a full array of services for both employees and businesses.

As an employee, you may face a wage and hour disputes or a discrimination or wrongful termination claim. We have the knowledge, skill and practical experience to represent your interests.

Our attorney is also adept at advising employers about employment issues in order to minimize financial risk. This part of our practice includes the defense of wage and hour or other employment disputes, as well as assistance with proactive planning and training to avoid disputes in the first place.

We are also skilled at negotiating and drafting contracts, as well as taking care of Uniform Commercial Code and collections issues. And when a business dispute cannot be avoided, our lawyers can help you protect trade secrets, enforce non-compete agreements and take other steps necessary for the success of your business.

Contact Our Experienced Lawyer

By offering comprehensive services, we can respond to each case with a full range of options. Our goal is to resolve your case in the most expeditious and cost-effective manner possible, while zealously protecting your interests.

We encourage you to contact us to arrange a confidential appointment to discuss your specific situation with an experienced attorney. Contingency and partial contingency fee arrangements are available in some cases. Call 408-533-0825 or 408-533-0825 or complete the online form.