Understanding Arbitration

If you have a disagreement with another party, the two of you might decide to make use of arbitration services available in San Jose, CA. Arbitration services are a way for parties to settle a matter out of court, which is ideal if you prefer to avoid public proceedings. The decision of the individual who is providing arbitration services is binding and is enforceable in court. That means that if the arbitrator finds for Sally and gives her a $5,000 arbitration award, the other party, John, will have to pay it. If John refuses to pay, Sally can then take him to court to have the arbitration decision enforced.

You can hear more about arbitration services when you watch this brief video. It explains that an arbitrator is not an official of the court, but rather is a neutral third-party. During an arbitration session, both sides have the opportunity to present evidence and argue their case before the arbitrator makes a decision.