What an Employment Lawyer Can Do for Your Business

As an employer, understanding your obligations under both state and federal employment law is essential. Even unintentionally violating a part of employment law, from wage laws to severance agreements, can be extremely costly for your business. At The Law Office of Phillip J. Griego, we can help your business protect itself from employment law mistakes in San Jose, CA, and provide a safe, compliant workplace for your employees.

At our law office, you’ll get an experience employment law attorney on your side to help you build all aspects of your business in compliance with state and federal guidelines. Get training on sexual harassment for yourself and your employees, create procedures and policies that meet legal standards, and get help writing handbooks, contracts, and severance agreements that won’t put your business in legal jeopardy. If a case is filed against your firm, our litigation attorney can defend your rights through mediation and court. Pre-emptively protect yourself from legal issues by working with a lawyer on a regular basis as you build your business.

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