A Look at Whistle Blowing

Whistle blowers are employees who discover that their company or organization has been engaging in acts of wrongdoing. These acts might include attempts to defraud shareholders, violations of laws, or similar dishonest practices. Employment law protects whistle blowers from retaliatory actions such as unfair dismissal. If the company does violate employee rights, the whistle blower can contact an employment lawyer working in San Jose, CA.

Whistle blowers are strongly advised to keep meticulous records regarding all violations of California labor law. In addition to unfair dismissal, retaliatory actions may include blacklisting, demoting, denying benefits, reducing wages or hours, disciplining, unfair reassigning, threatening, or intimidating employees. When preparing a whistle blowing claim, the employment lawyer will look for evidence to prove that the protected disclosure made by the whistle blower led directly to the retaliatory action by the employer. Successful whistle blowing claims will result in remedies that may include reinstatement or a compensatory award.

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