Solving Workplace Disputes Through Mediation

When you have a workplace dispute, an alternative to a lengthy and costly court case could be mediation. If your attorney offers mediation services in San Jose, CA, or recommends mediation as an appropriate choice for your case, here is what you need to know.

During mediation, the goal is not for one side to emerge as a winner but rather for both sides to compromise and come to an agreement that they can both accept. During an employment dispute, legal mediation could address things like wage and discrimination issues under the guidance of an impartial, third party mediator, who facilitates the negotiations. Your lawyer can still represent you during mediation to ensure that your rights are not being violated. Once you reach an agreement during mediation, it is legally binding, so both you and the other party must adhere to the terms.

Although mediation may not be the right choice for the most contentious cases, it can help you avoid the stress and expenses of going to court while getting a decision on your case much more quickly.

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