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Answering Questions about Workplace Retaliation in California

Workplace Retaliation

Under both state and federal law, employees are protected from workplace retaliation after engaging in lawful activities, such as making a complaint about discrimination or harassment or reporting unsafe work conditions. Workplace retaliation can take many forms, from wrongful termination to demotions or exclusion from promotion opportunities. It is not always easy to know when you are the victim of retaliation, however, so if you suspect it could be the case, keep notes about all incidences, and contact an attorney who is an expert in employment law. This infographic from The Law Office of Phillip J. Griego examines employee rights in retaliation cases. If you believe you are the victim of retaliation or discrimination in your workplace near San Jose, CA, we can help. Contact us to arrange a review of your case and find out how we can help you protect your career and your rights. Please share this information with your friends and colleagues.