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Mediation and Arbitration Services


Sometimes, the best place to settle a dispute is not in the courtroom. Mediation and arbitration can help you come to a fair agreement without the need for a court case. If you wish to consider an alternative way of settling a dispute, be sure to choose an experienced attorney near San Jose who also knows when moving forward with litigation is necessary. At the Law Office of Phillip J. Griego, that is exactly what you will find.

Using our expertise in employment law, we can use mediation to come to an agreement with the other party in your dispute or enter arbitration to come to an equitable solution. These alternative dispute resolution procedures can save the time and money that are required for a trial, but they are not always the best fit for every case. If we believe your workplace discrimination, wrongful termination, or other employment law case belongs in the courtroom, then we are prepared to help you fight for your rights. Our commitment is to ensure every client gets the right representation for his or her case and that all of his or her rights are protected.


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