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What Workplace Discrimination Can Look Like

Discrimination Gavel

When most people think of workplace discrimination, they think of obvious, egregious examples that anyone could readily identify as wrongdoing. However, in many cases, discrimination can be subtler and not always easy to recognize. If you have any suspicions that you have experienced discrimination in the workplace in San Jose, CA, talk to a lawyer who is experienced in employment law to find out if your rights have been violated. Here is a closer look at what some common types of workplace discrimination look like.


Religious Discrimination

Religious discrimination refers to bias against employees on the basis of their religion. In some cases, companies may refuse to hire people of a certain faith or may bypass them for promotions. In other cases, employees may not be permitted the time, place, or scheduling that lets them practice their faith. For instance, a Muslim may be denied time to pray when his or her religion requires or accommodations may not be made to allow a Jewish person to stick to his or her Kosher diet. Each of these instances can amount to workplace discrimination and may entitle the victim to compensation.

Age Discrimination

Age discrimination can happen to both young and old employees. Young people may be targeted by disparaging comments about their age or passed over for opportunities for which they are qualified strictly because of their age. The same things can happen to older employees. Some companies may resist hiring them for positions for which they are qualified because of their age, while others may skip over older people for promotions. Making any kind of hiring, promotion, or termination decision based on age alone is a violation of employment law.

Racial Discrimination

At its most obvious, racial discrimination involves refusing to hire someone because of his or her race. However, it can take many other forms, such as wrongful termination, unequal wages, or segregation in the workplace. Racial discrimination can also include disparaging comments, refusals to offer promotions, and different standards for work quality or performance.

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