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Common Labor Law Errors Employers Make

Labor Law Book

As an employer, it’s essential to understand both your rights and the rights of your employees. There are several common mistakes that employers make regarding employee working hours and compensation; many of these mistakes seem minor, but even small issues can develop into legal concerns that will cost you time and money. Understanding these mistakes and how to rectify them is the best way to protect yourself and your business. Common labor law errors that employers often make include erroneously recording or misusing overtime hours and compensation rates, misunderstanding business expense reimbursement, and failing to stay updated on current changes in employment laws. Other common mistakes include allowing employees to work while off the clock and preventing employees from taking uninterrupted breaks. If you have questions or concerns about the employment laws and mandates that apply to your business, your employer lawyer serving San Jose can provide you with up-to-date employment law advice, as well as help you assess and correct your business practices.

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