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Signs You Are Being Discriminated Against at Work Due to a Pregnancy

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Pregnancy, childbirth, and medical conditions related to pregnancy and childbirth are protected classes. This means that discriminatory behaviors in the workplace that arise because of these health statuses are illegal. If you feel that you’re being discriminated against because of your pregnancy, you can consult a labor rights lawyer in San Jose, CA, to discuss the situation. Your attorney can provide invaluable employment law advice and discuss the merits of filing a claim. Keep a written record of all incidents you observe; your labor rights lawyer will need this information to effectively prepare your case. work - discrimination

Negative Feedback

Receiving negative performance reviews or other criticism of your work performance is not necessarily a sign of discrimination. However, sudden changes in reviews of your work might be. If you consistently received favorable performance reviews and other feedback prior to disclosing your pregnancy and now you’re suddenly receiving negative feedback, you might be on the receiving end of illegal workplace discrimination . Be sure to keep all written performance reviews and similar communication and show copies of these documents to your labor rights lawyer.

Hostile Behavior

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to be the recipient of hostile behavior from a supervisor. Sometimes, supervisors are simply mean-spirited individuals. But if you’re being singled out because of your pregnancy, this could constitute workplace discrimination. Consider whether others in similar roles as yours are also suffering from the hostile behavior of a supervisor.

Workplace Exclusion

Pregnancy-related discrimination may not always involve blatant acts of discrimination. Sometimes, exclusion can also constitute discrimination. For example, you might suddenly cease to receive in-office communication, invitations to meetings, or invitations to networking events.

Derailed Career Track

A derailed career track might be another subtle sign of pregnancy discrimination. For example, if you were engaging in talks about a promotion, raise, or career training opportunity prior to disclosing your pregnancy and now these talks have suddenly ceased, you might consider discussing this problem with your supervisor. Request a reason why your career track has suddenly derailed. If you are given an unsatisfactory reason or no reason at all, it may be time to talk to an attorney.