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Choosing Mediation for Your Case


When you have been the victim of workplace discrimination, such as wrongful termination, or if you are being accused of violating employment law, when should you consider mediation instead of court? Mediation can be a preferable alternative to both sides in many cases, so consider discussing your situation with a mediation attorney in San Jose to see if it could work for you.

Legal mediation has many advantages over court for a number of different types of cases. It focuses on finding an agreement that is acceptable for both sides, rather than finding a winner, so it is less stressful for most people. It reduces costs since a legal mediator works outside of the courts, so there are no associated trial costs. Legal mediation can also help both sides reach a solution much faster than a court date. Entering mediation does not preclude you for pursing litigation if an agreement is not reached. Your attorney can help you decide if mediation could be a solution for your case.

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