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When Should You Take Your Discrimination Case to Court?


In a workplace discrimination case, you may have the option of attending mediation to come to a resolution to your complaint rather than attending court. While mediation services in San Jose, CA , can be the right answer for some discrimination cases, others belong in the courtroom. When should you consider mediation services and when should you follow through in taking your case to court? Here is what you need to know.

Mediation services are appropriate when both sides are willing to negotiate to come to an agreement that is mutually beneficial. There are no winners and no losers in mediation, but rather a solution that both parties find acceptable. If you believe that your discrimination can be dealt with during this kind of interaction with an employer, then mediation services save both time and money. However, if it seems unlikely that you will get an adequate response to your complaint or that dealing with your case in mediation won’t impact company culture to prevent future discrimination, then court may be the right answer. In court, you will be able to present your case and possibly be vindicated as a winner.

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