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Common Signs of Workplace Discrimination

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Many people picture workplace discrimination as something obvious that occurs in dramatic incidents that are impossible to deny. In reality, it is often more insidious and difficult to identify. The first step to take if you think discrimination is a problem where you work is to seek employment law advice from a labor attorney in San Jose, CA. An attorney can help you decide if what is happening in your workplace is a violation of employment law. Here are some common signs of discrimination to be alert to in your workplace. workplace - discrimination

Unusually High Turnover Rate

Does there seem to a revolving door in your workplace. Although there can be many reasons that employees leave jobs quickly, discrimination could be a factor. Often, people who encounter discrimination at work simply change jobs instead of seeking employment law advice and determining if their rights have been violated. When people seem to quit their jobs quickly after being hired, an intrinsic problem with the workplace culture, including discrimination, could be occurring.

Lack of Access to Opportunities

In many workplaces, discrimination doesn’t take the form of confrontational words but rather in access to benefits within the office. Members of a protected group may be routinely passed over for raises, promotions, preferable shifts, and vacation time. For instance, an employer may consistently overlook women for promotions because of concerns over the potential of pregnancy. This practice is discriminatory and a violation of labor law.

Hostile Work Environment

No one should ever feel threatened at work, but discrimination makes people feel violated and unprotected. Discrimination can create an environment that hostile in which to work, whether the discrimination takes the form of inappropriate language, physical contact, or even exclusion from typical coworker relationships. A hostile work environment can be an indicator that discrimination is taking place. If you feel that the actions of your coworkers is making it impossible to do your job, contact an attorney to see if you should pursue legal action.