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How Employers Can Protect Themselves Against Employee Lawsuits

Employee Handbook

Running your own business might be your version of the American dream, but as every employer quickly discovers, legal problems can be a nightmare. Protect your business and your reputation by proactively seeking employment law advice before these problems develop. Talk to an employment lawyer in San Jose, CA, about how you can reduce the risk of lawsuits filed by employees. employee - handbook

Stay on Top of New Legal Requirements

Employers usually have their hands full. If you aren’t contacting your vendors, you’re probably busy creating the next marketing campaign. There is little time for employers to stay abreast of changing legal requirements that apply to their businesses. Yet, failure to comply with all applicable legal requirements is a costly mistake; penalties may be levied when violations are discovered and employees who feel they have been wronged may file lawsuits against the company. The most effective way to protect your business is to retain the services of an employment lawyer. Consulting a lawyer on an ongoing basis will allow you to quickly learn the nuances of changing regulations that affect your business without having to invest hours into the research process.

Create a Comprehensive and Compliant Employee Handbook

An employment law attorney is an invaluable asset for your company. There are many other ways that hiring a lawyer can protect your company from employee lawsuits. He or she can work with you to develop an employee handbook that specifies legally compliant company policies, regulations, and procedures. Companies that lack an employee handbook run the risk of being sued because of workplace harassment or discrimination. Your employee handbook should include information about the most current federal and state employment laws such as anti-discrimination regulations. It should also clearly state the company’s policy of zero tolerance for sexual harassment and other unacceptable actions.

Establish Internal Procedures for Investigative Actions

It isn’t sufficient simply to inform your employees of employment laws and company policies. Your labor lawyer can also help you develop a procedure for investigating complaints internally. Many employee lawsuits could have been prevented if the company had this procedure in place and adhered to it. Employees are more likely to consider litigation if their employers fail to address their concerns.