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Common Reasons for Wrongful Termination

Termination of Employment

Although employers have a fair amount of latitude for firing employees, there are reasons that are not legally acceptable for ending someone’s employment. When employees are fired for one of these unlawful reasons, it is called wrongful termination . Because of the complexities of wrongful termination cases, it can be helpful to contact a labor rights attorney in San Jose, CA, to evaluate your case if you think it has happened to you.

There are many different causes for termination that are not allowed under the law. You cannot be fired for your age, gender or gender identification, or religion. Your employer is also not allowed to fire you for your political views, for becoming pregnant or planning to become pregnant, or because you have physical or emotional disabilities. Furthermore, your employer cannot terminate you for taking family medical leave to which you are entitled. Other causes of termination can also be unlawful, so if you think your employer has violated your rights, talk to a labor attorney, who can review your circumstances and decide what steps to take.

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