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Fighting Back Against Gender Bias in the Workplace

Weighing Scale

Federal and state laws protect workers from a number of different forms of discrimination in the workplace, including gender bias. If you think that your employer is biased against you on the basis of your gender, contact a labor attorney in San Jose, CA right away. If your rights have been violated, you could be eligible for compensation. What can you do to fight back if gender bias has infected your workplace? Try these strategies to take a stand. gender - discrimination

Know the Signs

Gender bias can take many different forms. In some workplaces, women are passed over for promotions because they are pregnant or may become pregnant in the future. Some workplaces use disparaging language that targets people because of their gender, creating a hostile environment. Sexual harassment can be another form of gender discrimination. Gender bias can creep into hiring decisions, scheduling, titles, and pay in ways that are both large and small. Being aware of the red flags of gender discrimination can be the first step in fighting it.

Speak Up

If you see gender bias in the workplace, speak up against it. Report co-workers to supervisors, or report supervisors to the leaders over their heads. If you can’t find someone in the company that you feel comfortable taking your complaints to, talk to an employment law attorney. Speaking up is effective whether or not the bias is happening to you, and whistleblower laws protect you from retaliation.

Keep Careful Records

Keeping careful records of instances of gender bias in the workplace is extremely helpful if you decide to contact a labor attorney. Every time there is an incident, write down the date, time, circumstances, and people present. This record will help you establish a pattern of bias and determine who may have witnessed the incidents, in case your attorney needs to call on them when building a case. Your records will also help you report incidents accurately, even after time has passed.