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What to Do if an Employee Files a Lawsuit Against Your Business

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Employee lawsuits are always a risk for a business owner. It is important to take steps to protect your company and your rights by contacting an employment law attorney in San Jose who can represent your interests. If you are the subject of a lawsuit, take these steps to protect your business.

When you find out about the lawsuit, don’t try to confront the employee or reason with him or her about the case, as you could inadvertently say something that jeopardizes your interests. If the employee still works for you, don’t terminate him or her. Contact an employment law attorney right away, so he or she can evaluate your case and determine the best steps forward. If you want to dismiss the employee, only do so under the strict guidance of your attorney. In many cases, employment lawsuits can be decided out of court through mediation, which your attorney can help you navigate.

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