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Know Your Rights After Reporting Workplace Violations

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Whistleblowers provide invaluable services to the country. By exposing corporate wrongdoing, whistleblowers may help protect consumers, patients, or the environment, or they may save millions of taxpayer dollars. But potential whistleblowers often don’t step forward because they fear retaliation. Before making your decision, seek employment law advice from a qualified labor attorney in San Jose, CA.

You’ll learn that whistleblowers are protected from retaliatory actions, such as unlawful termination. Workers who report workplace violations are protected from being demoted, denied benefits, blacklisted, unjustly disciplined, threatened, or intimidated. They are also protected from having their pay lowered and their hours reduced. Refusing to hire or rehire, or reassigning a worker in a way that affects promotion opportunities are other forms of retaliation that are prohibited. If you think your employer has initiated retaliatory actions against you, you should consult an employment law attorney right away. Remember to keep a written record of the retaliatory incidents, as your lawyer will need this for your claim.

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