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Employer Rights in San Jose, CA

We’ve Saved Millions for Employers

A lawsuit by an employee or third party can damage your reputation as a business owner and employer and be an expensive situation. There are countless ways in which an uninformed employer can get into legal trouble. That’s why it is always wise to trust these delicate and possibly costly situations to experienced San Jose and surrounding areas employment law professionals such as our dedicated and seasoned staff at The Law Office of Phillip J. Griego.

We Give You Skills & Training to Protect Yourself

Our accomplished and committed staff can help you develop new business practices that could defend you from possible legal complications in the future. The attorneys on our staff are able to provide you with simple, easy to understand instruction that can help you comply with the vast array of California labor and employment statutes. We are very thorough and will visit your facilities, meet with management, employees, and gain a deeper understanding of every aspect of your business and how we would be able to best protect you.

Some common mistakes employers make include:

  • Errors in overtime rates
  • Mistakes in reimbursing business expenses
  • Employees not taking uninterrupted breaks
  • Employees working while off the clock
  • Not being up to date with new laws affecting their business

One of the major benefits of using our employer services is that we are able to act as a continuation of your human resources department. You are able to tap into our experience and knowledge regarding a wide range of employment law topics. We make sure that each potential problem is dealt with entirely, rather than just covering one facet of the issue and hoping for the best.

Our employer legal services can include:

  • Creating policies, procedures and handbooks for your business
  • Contracts for employment and severance
  • Litigation representation
  • Training programs covering a wide range of legal issues

To learn more about how we can help protect your rights, call us today at (408) 293-6341!

Why Choose Us?

  • Practicing since 1977
  • Accomplished litigator
  • Saved millions of dollars for Employers
  • Recovered millions of dollars for Employees
  • On going Employer training