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Employee Policies and Procedures in San Jose, CA

With a focus on employment law since 1977, The Law Office of Phillip J. Griego in San Jose, CA, works with employers to establish employee policies and procedures that are in the best interest of their companies and those who work for them.

Our legal guidance has helped countless companies save millions of dollars and ensure that they’re putting their best foot forward.

Creating a successful workplace

Employee policies and procedures are important to establish certainty in the workplace for the benefit of all. With established best practices in place, employees know how they are expected to behave and what their rights are. Policies and procedures can include everything from proscribed work breaks and regulated work hours to protocols for reporting harassment and other codes of conduct violations.

Customized employee manuals and training programs

We know that every place of business is different and may need customized manuals and training programs in addition to those required by State of California law. Our team can come to your facilities and meet with your management and employees to go over any issues or concerns you have, along with modes of operation that are working for you or are unique to your business.

Educated employees who understand workplace requirements and know that their rights are being addressed make for a happy and more productive workforce to improve your bottom line.

Protecting the employer

Besides helping your employees, establishing policies and procedures also gives employers a rubric to follow and a legal safety net. Having a legal professional providing you with advice on the inner workings of your company is an incredibly valuable service that can save you time and money down the road.

Effectively written policies and procedures can protect the employer legally in the event that a worker fails to follow policies and is terminated. With a written document that is signed by the worker and a process for recording violations committed by the worker, he or she will not have a strong case if a wrongful termination suit is filed against you.

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