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Aggressive and Experienced Mediation in San Jose, CA

At The Law Office of Phillip J. Griego, our focus is always on our client. We use our extensive legal experience to ensure our clients are protected and that their rights are not abused.

Since 1977, our firm has been looking out for employees. We’ve successfully recovered millions of dollars on their behalf. Let our mediation lawyers use their legal experience to your advantage, whether that’s taking a case to court, handling negotiations, or through other means.

We know that family mediation services can be unfortunate and, at times, a difficult process. We will be there for you from start to finish, focusing on rigorous analysis of your best options as your legal mediator.

Contact our office in San Jose, CA, to learn how we can provide experienced legal mediation for your case.

Mediation services

Our legal strategies include efforts to avoid going to trial. We are known for our mediation services. Mediation involves both parties and a neutral trained professional, called a mediator, discussing the dispute and working toward a mutual resolution. The mediator acts as a go-between and counselor, guiding the parties to discover common ground and creative solutions. In a mediation situation, the parties themselves control the eventual outcome. The result is a less costly, less time-consuming, and usually less contentious settlement.

Arbitration services

Arbitration is another way we can avoid going to court. Unlike mediation, this strategy engages an impartial arbiter, or arbiters, to determine the best resolution to the parties’ dispute. The parties agree to be bound by the final decision. When we meet with you to review your situation, we will assess whether or not this is the most effective option for you.

Early neutral evaluation

A third alternative to a court case is early neutral evaluation. Neutral evaluation allows for a legal assessment and opinion to be given, which can often bring about a fair settlement. Both parties present their sides to a neutral person with respected credentials. An evaluation, which can be binding or non-binding and oral or written, is handed down by the trusted third-party person. This result can be used to resolve the case or as an alternative to the formal discovery process ahead of litigation.

Litigation services

Litigation is usually our last resort. We arrive at this legal strategy if we believe an alternative dispute resolution is not going to get you the results you deserve. Mr. Griego is an aggressive trial attorney, should your case need to go to court.

Whatever direction we collectively decide to take with your legal issue, The Law Office of Phillip J. Griego in San Jose, CA, is ready to help you.

Call to learn about our mediation services.

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